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Leen Hooites


Leen Hooites operates in the tax law and insolvency law practice as a tax-lawyer and liquidator. Over a period of more than twenty years he has built up broad knowledge and experience as a lawyer, liquidator and (on a national and international level) tax advisor.

Practical and solution-oriented

There are practically no legal or commercial matters in which tax elements do not play a role. Tax advice may be required, or disputes may have to be solved about an assessment or collection thereof by the Tax collector. As a litigator, negotiator, strategist and pragmatist, Leen Hooites like no other knows to come up with solutions for his clients.

The interaction between tax and insolvency law is for Leen Hooites just as logical as essential. When tax investigations, collection procedures, financial reorganizations or liquidations and bankruptcies are at issue, the tax authorities and financial organizations are often the determining parties. To duly represent his client’s interests in this playing field Leen Hooites gets in touch with these parties and creates cohesion. 


  • Tax law, University of Groningen

Ancillary functions

  • Member of the Dutch Association of Lawyers-Tax experts [Nederlandse Vereniging van Advocaten-Belastingkundigen]
  • Member of Insolad, Vereniging Insolventierecht Advocaten (Association of Insolvency lawyers)