Monique Tieben

Assigned notary

Clear language

Translating legal language into understandable Dutch and the other way round. Junior civil-law notary Monique Tieben explains to you what exactly is said in the documents you sign at the notary and embodies your wishes in a document that  enables you to properly deal with your private notarial matters. She has over 20 years’ experience as junior civil-law notary and therefore she is well aware of the wishes of her clients.   

Real Estate

Monique Tieben gives guidance in real estate transactions, where existing premises and newly developed property are concerned. Apart from that she advises about, amongst other things, transfer tax, easements and division into apartments.

Do you intend to give a house to your children? Then Monique will on your behalf take care that arrangements are properly laid down and she will deal with tax returns.

She has a lot of experience in the field of business ownership transfers within the agricultural sector.

Family and assets

Apart from that she gives guidance to heirs and executors in the settlement of an estate, such as establishing the heirs, taking care of tax returns and the distribution of the estate.


  • Notarial law, University of Groningen (1996)
  • Vocational training Notary
  • Vocational training Agricultural Notarial Specialist VASN [an association of agricultural specialists in the notarial practice]
  • Vocational training executorship NOVEX [Dutch Organization for Executors]

Ancillary function

Committee member at the Northern Netherlands’ Chapter of the Royal Dutch Association of Civil-law Notaries.

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