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Peter Hoekstra


Advising and litigating in the field of procurement law and competition law and their links in between. Irrespective of whether you wish to organize an invitation to tender or respond to it or wish to know what is permissible pursuant to procurement law or competition law you can turn to the lawyer Peter Hoekstra.

Procurement law in all its facets

Within procurement law Peter Hoekstra deals with all aspects you may encounter as the party that issues an invitation to tender or the party that submits a tender. How do you organize your tender procedure, which procedure is the most suitable and which selection criteria, grounds for exclusion and/or awarding criteria are to be applied? But also if you wish to submit a tender it is of importance that you know what your possibilities are. Should a dispute arise over the assessment of the submissions or the preliminary awarding, Peter Hoekstra gladly assists you to find a solution or to litigate should it be necessary.

Competition law

Cartels, mergers, abuse of a dominant position and state aid

You can turn to Peter Hoekstra also in matters pertaining to competition law and state aid.  Think of cartels and other forms of cooperation. Consider also the monitoring of mergers, takeovers and joint ventures. Or abuse of a dominant economic position by competing companies. Do you want to know which cooperation or agreements are permitted and do you wonder whether your competitor distorts the competition, Peter Hoekstra gladly tells you more about it.

This also applies to a possible distortion of the competition by means of state aid. Should you as an entrepreneur or as government wish to know whether certain specific support is possible, or should you wonder whether the advantages your competitor receives from the government are permitted, Peter Hoekstra gladly gives you advice.


  • Dutch law, University of Groningen
  • Dutch & European Competition law, Grotius Academie

Ancillary functions

  • Member of the Raad van Toezicht van de Centrale Huisartsendienst Drenthe (Supervisory Board of the GP out-of-hours service Drenthe)
  • Advisor of the Kinder- en Jongerenrechtswinkel (Legal Advice centre for youth)


  • Member of Vereniging voor Aanbestedingsrecht (Procurement Law Association);
  • Member of Vereniging voor Mededingingsrecht (Competition Law Association);
  • Member of VNO-NCW Noord (the largest business organisation in the Northern Netherlands)