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Mr Jaap Zwiers of Total Hair Service

Total Hair Service ‘Kappersgroothandel Total Hair Service’ is the largest independent supplier of professional hair products in the Netherlands. Our range of products is very extensive and it offers hairdressers the possibility to find everything under one roof, from hair care products to specialized articles, from extensions to a complete interior for a hairdressing salon and from scissors and knives to accessories that are fun and practical.

Twenty years a loyal customer

As an entrepreneur you face a large number of tax and legal aspects you cannot solve by yourself. Take in mind problems with contracts, distribution agreements and matters relating to employment law and taxes. For these matters you really need specialists. I found them twenty years ago at PlasBossinade.

High standard

We are very pleased with the way in which PlasBossinade operates. A very high quality standard is guaranteed. Apart from that it is a great advantage that PlasBossinade has all specialists under one roof.  

We are incredibly satisfied with the services and quite often we act as ambassador for PlasBossinade.'